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December 10, 2009 through February 5, 2010

The female superhero is elusive and constantly evolving.
She battles her adversaries, her environment, her preconceptions as well as herself. She is not only super heroic but is an uber-woman, meca-warrior, and transformer. She uses physical transcendence, hypersensitive awareness and achievement of the impossible to revise, redefine and re-evaluate the constructions of both girlhood and heroism. Through her battles she exposes the irony of the world and proves that she can be – once and for all – the most powerful person in the universe.

featuring video work by
Jenny Drumgoole | Kate Gilmore | Miranda July | Shana Moulton | Liz Nofziger | Rebecca Parker | Cintra Wilson | Saya Woolfalk | Jody Wood

Beyond the gallery installation SUPERGIRL! includes screenings, performances, panel discussions and a 48-hour video challenge. Click here for schedule of events.

Artists & Works in the Exhibition

Jenny Drumgoole - Husky, WingBowl

“HUSKY” is divided into five chapters that describe a battle between the ego and a raging wild woman id/superhero called Husky. Each chapter draws from different genres of video/television/filmmaking including the Western, music videos, reality tv, and hidden camera surveillance. Both documentary and fictional footage are interwoven throughout the piece, thus blurring the line between fantasy and reality.

“Wing Bowl” interweaves both personal and news footage as I try to get close to Sonya Thomas when she returns to defend her chicken wing eating title in Philadelphia’s annual Wing Bowl – an spectacle of competitive eating, half-naked Wingetttes, and more than 20,000 drunken Eagles fans.

More About Jenny Drumgoole

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Kate Gilmore - Anything, Star Bright, Star Might , With Open Arms

More About Kate Gilmore

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Miranda July - Atlanta

A 12 year-old Olympic swimmer and her mother (both played by July) speak to the public about “going for the gold”.

More About Miranda July

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Shana Moulton - Whispering Pines

Combining an unsettling, wry humor with a low-tech, Pop sensibility, Moulton plays a character whose interactions with the everyday world are both mundane and surreal, in a domestic sphere just slightly askew. As her protagonist navigates the enigmatic and possibly magical properties of her home decor, Moulton initiates relationships with objects and consumer products that are at once banal and uncanny.

More About Shana Moulton

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Liz Nofziger - TV Dinner

Nofziger’s TV Dinner (2003) combines a 1980s exercise video with a 1950s McDonalds commercial. Underneath its hilarious surface lies a critical comment on our culture’s obsession with both fast food and exercise.

More About Liz Nofziger

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Rebecca Parker- Balancing Terrain

Stiletto heels cautiously tread upon a radiator then scale a skinny windowsill, only to clamber atop a teetering bureau. One’s own muscles can’t help but twitch as one watches the artist’s calf muscles strain and flex while she circumnavigates her living quarters wearing 3-inch heels. Absurd domestic feats exemplify Rebecca Parker’s examination of gender constructions and womanhood in this performance captured on video.

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Cintra Wilson - Los Apassionados

In a way, the sequel to Winter Steele. Created, written by and starring Cintra Wilson, directed by Tim Boxell, gorgeous soundtrack by the Broun Fellinis. Bankrolled and banned from MTV for having too many automatic weapons, and strangely prophetic, considering it was made around 1993

More About Cintra Wilson

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Saya Woolfalk - Ethnography of No Place

Drawing material from various realms of the visual—pop-culture, ritual, street-spectacle—I use art as a laboratory to catalogue and critique our socio-visual landscape. Combining performance, sculpture, painting, and video, my installations investigate and playfully re-imagine the representational systems that hierarchically shape our lives. My art is an experimental ground where I create alternative bodies, environments, and consciousnesses.

More About Saya Woolfalk

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Jody Wood - Passive Aggressive

Intrigued by interpersonal relationships – how they form, how they dissolve, and their delicate underpinnings Jody Wood approaches her artwork as an opportunity to explore this fascination, and consequently have moved increasingly toward working directly with members of the public. Through continuing investigation of private needs and public expectations, her work presents a dialogue between the external battles we must face and the internal landscape we need to preserve.

More about Jody Wood

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December 10 6—9 PM |
SUPERGIRL! Opens with special performance by Jody Wood
January 14 6—9 PM |Second Opening with performance TBA
January 15 6 PM
| Official launch of SUPERGIRL! video competition (a 48 hour video competition co-presented with the Philadelphia Independent Film and Video Association) Teams of film makers will compete to create their own SUPERGIRL! film within 48 hours. At the launch, the teams will be given a prop, a phrase and a character that MUST appear in the film. Prizes will be awarded
January 22 6:30 PM |
NEXUS/foundation for art in cooperation with Moore College of Art & Design presents a panel discussion with scholars and artists exploring the idea that the female super hero is elusive and constantly evolving. Participants include: Julie D. O'Reilly, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Communication and Women's and Gender Studies, Heidelberg University; Saya Woolfalk, Artist and Film maker; Jennifer Camper, Cartoonist (Juicy Mother); Dr. Kevin Richards, Ph.D., History of Art, Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art; Moderated by Astria Suparak, Curator, Miller Gallery Pittsburgh.
January 23 7 PM | SUPERGIRL! Video Competition Awards Presentation
February 5 8—12 PM | SUPERGIRL! Closing Party


Kathryn TeBordo: Not Fragile
April 14 - May 6
Opening Reception, 6pm-9pm
Thursday, April 14

Leah Reynolds & Elaine Erne

May 12th - June 2, 2010
Opening Reception, 6pm-9pm
Thursday, May 12


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